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11 February 2021

The Coalition has launched a series of new workstreams as we begin to implement a year of action on the roll out of personalised care.
At the Coalition’s relaunch last October, our diverse range of partners shared their ideas and priorities for our future activities as a partnership. These were crafted into a comprehensive Workplan for 2021,which was approved at our Partners’ Day event on 26 January.
There was overwhelming support and enthusiasm for these being the right priorities and the right approach to creating better understanding and insight into best practice on personalised care. In response to the common challenges faced across all health and care settings currently, the coalition will offer practical advice, guidance and support for the wider roll-out of personalised care initiatives, which utilise our partners’ differing expertise and perspectives, as well as the voice of lived experience.
Recognising current pressures on our colleagues at the frontline, we will give priority over the next six months to 3 key workstreams:
* Health Inequalities
* The Treatment backlog
* The Patient Experience of health and care
   provision during the pandemic.
Multi-partner taskgroups will be set up to take each of these forward quickly, following a brief design and planning stage, to scope the work and its desired outcomes in more detail. This action-based framework will be in place by March, with initial outputs of wide practical applicability expected by the end of June or sooner.
Three other topic-based taskgroups will follow in the second half of this year. Our new Programme Board will guide and monitor our progress and, as part of our new framework for collaborative working, two further whole Partnership meetings will be held in May and October, with dates to be announced shortly.
If you are partner of C4PC and are not already involved in one of these taskgroups, please email info@coalitionforpersonalisedcare.org.uk. If you are are keen to share in the learning that emerges, make sure to sign up for our newsletter, which will, where appropriate, share our insight and knowledge with the wider health and care sector.