About the Author: Karen Waites

30 January 2023

We are excited to announce that the Coalition for Personalised Care (C4PC) has two new Co-Chairs: Sian Lockwood and Liz Sargeant. Both have extensive experience in the health and social care sector and share a passion for Personalised Care.

Sian tells us, “My working life has been spent helping local people set up health and social care services that create choices for members of their community seeking personalised care and support.

“The Coalition and its Partners have a vital role in promoting personalised health services and I am glad to be able to help take forward this important work.”

Along with her notable management expertise, Sian brings her previous leadership experience with our host CIC, Community Catalysts, and her continued involvement with social care improvement initiatives, all of which will be invaluable in helping to steer future Coalition strategy.

Through her working life in the Department of Health and the NHS, Liz has garnered a deep understanding of the health system. She tells us, “I am passionate about the need to focus on the person, rather than organisations and professions, helping systems to agree on the outcomes they want to deliver, and providing support and challenge across the boundaries to implement the vision.

“I am looking forward to working with Coalition Partners to ensure Personalised Care remains at the heart of service delivery.”

C4PC Programme Manager, Emma Geldart, explains, “We are very fortunate to be able to draw on Sian and Liz’s expertise and knowledge in this new role.

“With their combined experience encompassing the whole health and social care sector, we are able to draw on their specific understanding and contacts to enable C4PC to further our work in promoting the widespread uptake of Personalised Care.”

Pip Cannons, Community Catalysts CEO, comments, “We are thrilled to welcome Liz and Sian to the Coalition.

“We are looking forward to working alongside them to grow the partnership, strengthen connections and impact across health and social care systems and ensure that personalised care is delivered for the benefit of all.”

You can read about Sian and Liz’s backgrounds and extensive experience here.

There are opportunities to meet our Co-Chairs at upcoming C4PC events, for details please visit our events page.

Sian and Liz are taking over from our previous Chair, Kim Ryley. Our heartfelt thanks go to Kim for the energy, commitment and leadership experience he brought to the Coalition.