About the Author: Nicola Hawdon

16 September 2020

The Personalised Care Group of NHS England and Improvement has been working with the Royal College of General Practitioners and other key stakeholders to establish the first ever personalised care training hub for health and care staff.

The Personalised Care Institute opened for business on Tuesday 15 September and provides health and care staff access to the very latest in personalised care training and development.

Offering a wide range of flexible, accredited and evidence -based courses from a range of providers, the Institute supports professionals to gain the knowledge, skills and confidence to provide personalised care.

It has been convened by the Royal College of General Practitioners on behalf of NHS England and Improvement, with support from other Royal Colleges, key professional organisations, providers and patients.

The NHS Long Term Plan confirmed that 2.5 million people will have access to personalised care by 2024 and the training of health and care staff is an important step to realising this.

T0 bring this to life, the health and care workforce will need to be supported to provide personalised care. This is where the Personalised Care Institute comes in, as it will offer the workforce a range of flexible ways to develop these skills and is accountable for setting standards for evidence-based training, underpinned by a robust quality assurance and accreditation framework.

Personalised care is an approach that helps people make decisions about managing their health.The idea of personalised care isn’t new. It is a partnership approach with Motivational Interviewing at its heart and includes shared decision making; care and support planning; health coaching and supported self-management.

When we asked people and healthcare professionals, they agreed that the things that mattered most to people were access, feeling understood, and being involved. The recent NHS Long Term Plan also outlined the aim to ensure that 2.5 million people are given personalised care by 2024.

Many of us try to put personalised care at the heart of our work already. However, 60% of adults say they have never been asked what is important to them during conversations with healthcare professionals.

The Institute is available to all health and care staff, with a particularly focus on training and professional development opportunities in the following components of personalised care:

  1. Shared decision making,
  2. Personalised care and support planning,
  3. Social prescribing and community-based support, and
  4. Supported self-management

In addition, training programmes for existing and new roles identified in primary care networks are being developed and the key focus of the Institute will be to quality assure and accredit programmes of training from third party training providers.

To find out more about the opportunities available and signup for the latest updates, visit Personalised Care Institute website or follow us @Pers_Care_Inst and #PersonalisedCareInstitute or view our animation for an introduction about the Institute.