About the Author: Karen Waites

10 August 2023


South Asian Health Action was formed in February 2017 as a charitable organisation.

We recognised that for a long time there was an inequality and lack of patient, carer and community engagement when it came to major health related issues such as diabetes, heart disease and organ donation. Therefore, SAHA was born from the desire to really make a difference and contribute towards raising greater awareness of such health issues, to empower individuals in knowing where to turn to get the right support they need.

As a national charity, we’re patient and carer led which means we really do listen, understand, and advocate the needs of our South Asian community from lived experiences.


Our vision is to engage, educate, empower and explore our community to give them the confidence and resources to face challenging situations to make better health and life choices.


  • Delivery Partner with NHSLLR ICB on Core 20 Plus 5 Community Connectors focus on Cancer, Early Diagnosis and Hypertension.
  • South Asian Diabetes Peer Support Group
  • South Asian Mental Health Community Ambassadors
  • South Asian Well-Being Ambassadors
  • Organ, Blood and Stem Cell Community Ambassadors
  • Vaccination Covid Community Champions
  • Research and Clinical Trials Engagement

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