About the Author: Jill Wighton

1 September 2020

During these uncertain times, it is crucial that we do all we can for ourselves, our families, our members and our colleagues to live as healthily as we can, to keep up our resolve and to be able to cope with whatever new challenge comes our way.

Which is why the Self Care Forum, a charity aiming to further the reach of self care, is encouraging anyone with an audience to participate in this year’s Self Care Week (16 – 22 November).  The theme, Live Self Care for Life, is particularly apt given the pandemic and the initiative is an ideal vehicle to communicate self care messages about coronavirus, long term conditions and health and wellbeing more generally.

Self Care Messages for a Second Wave

Experts are predicting coronavirus will be more widespread in the coming winter months and so Self Care Week can be used to:

  • remind and reignite people’s enthusiasm for social distancing, wearing masks, and improving their immunity through vitamin D supplements and by quitting smoking;
  • promote vital messages and updates to those with long term conditions on how to protect themselves against coronavirus;
  • communications around nutrition and exercise given the link between coronavirus and obesity;
  • help protect mental wellbeing which is certainly of relevance this year given everything we have been through as a nation.

So many reasons to get involved in Self Care Week 2020

Indeed, there are so many reasons and so many messages that need communicating this Self Care Week that organisations may not know where to start, which is why the Self Care Forum has developed a series of resources such as its 8 point plan, best practice case studies, comms doc, posters and leaflets all freely available to download from its website.

For more information contact selfcare@selfcareforum.org.  You might also like to subscribe to the Self Care Forum newsletter to be updated on all things self care.


@SelfCareForum is urging everyone with an audience to start planning for #selfcareweek 2020 and help embed self care in communities, families and generations.  Free resources are available. http://bit.ly/2UM6V0m

Reminding and reigniting people’s enthusiasm to protect themselves and others against coronavirus is just one reason to get involved in #selfcareweek this year. Free resources are available from @SelfCareForum http://bit.ly/2UM6V0m