About the Author: Rachel Smyth

15 December 2021

This week, all of our partners were invited to an event designed to unpack our progress throughout 2021 and agree our intended direction of travel for next year.


The diverse group of participants expressed satisfaction on how well the Coalition had established its presence following its relaunch in 2020 and on securing funding to underpin our ambitions to do more over the next two years. Our recently published Annual Report was complimented as an informative and open accounting of our recent progress.


Partners reaffirmed that the ambitious new priorities set out in our plans for next year were still important and relevant, but cautioned the need to avoid overreach, so we are able to deliver on our promises, resulting in a sequenced approach to 2022.


As our current Taskgroups on Health Equity and the Treatment Backlog move to publish reports next Spring, we will set up new groups to focus on Mental Health, the channel shift to more digital health and care services, and the particular challenges faced by leaders in ensuring a compassionate approach to staff well-being in initiating necessary change and improvement. We also agreed to work to form new relationships with Integrated Care Systems, to better influence frontline practice regionally and locally, as well to stepping-up our presence on social media, which is a priority in our new Communications Plan.


Looking at the recently published White Paper on Social Care, partners were content also with our more intensive focus in 2022 on the promotion of effective co-production in all health and care settings, as well as our intention to work closely with Social Care Futures and other organisations to flesh out the detail of how social care can best be reformed, using the key principles of Personalised Care.


The event left us confident and energised for the next round of challenges and eager to provide all our partners with fresh opportunities to get directly involved and to contribute to our future success.