Delivery Organisation: Year of Care Partnerships

Location: Nationwide

Contact details

Name: Lindsay Oliver
Organisation: Year of Care Partnerships
Tel: 01670 529268

Year of Care Partnerships works with organisations to introduce care and support planning (CSP) for people with long term conditions (LTCs). CSP is a systematic process focussed on creating the opportunity for a ‘better conversation’ between the person with LTCs and the healthcare professional.

The better conversation is enabled by the person being prepared ahead of the CSP conversation, which includes sending reflective prompts and routine test results where applicable.

The CSP conversation is forward-looking and acknowledges the lived experience of the person with LTCs. It brings together clinical issues with what is important to the individual, supporting self-management and signposting to social prescribing.

Project Impact & Outcomes

  • People with long term conditions report that CSP encourages them to feel more involved in their care, which leads to improved experiences and real changes in self-care behaviour.
  • Healthcare professionals report improved knowledge, skills and greater job satisfaction. Improved productivity, better organisation and teamwork are often unplanned but welcome outcomes of CSP.
  • CSP takes time to embed, however changes in clinical indicators across populations may be seen after two or three care planning cycles, and care processes are completed more systematically.
  • CSP provides economies of scale with a common approach spanning a ‘lifetime of care’ including prevention, single conditions, multi morbidity, frailty and end of life..