Delivery Organisation: Alzheimer's Society, NHS England and NHS Improvement, Coalition for Personalised Care

Location: Nationwide

Contact details

Name: Ian McCreath
Organisation: Alzheimer’s Society

Dementia Change Action Network (DCAN) is a partnership between NHS England & Improvement; Alzheimer’s Society, and the Coalition for Personalised Care. Together we run a network dedicated to advancing personalised care and dementia.

Universal Personalised Care has ambitious plans to transform the relationship between patient and professional. We need to ensure that people with dementia benefit from these changes. They must also play a fundamental role in defining what these changes mean.

Dementia Change Action Network is where that work comes together.

Participation is open to anyone wanting to get personalised care working for people living with dementia. We facilitate people with different perspectives coming together, sharing their insights and working towards common goals. We create space for many voices to be heard, including:

  • People with dementia
  • Partners, families and friends
  • Health professionals
  • Social care professionals
  • Voluntary Community Social Enterprises
  • Academics and researchers.

Together we harnesses the power of networks and potential of personalised care to tackle key challenges for people living with dementia. We do this through #DementiaCan Enquiries, which unite us around priority themes. Through each enquiry we aim to do four things:

  1. Understand what people with dementia experience now. How do we make it better with personalised care?
  2. Connect the people who can make change happen. Raise awareness, grow desire to act, spread knowledge & share know how.
  3. Shape how UPC for dementia is implemented by NHS in England. Plan constructively across national dementia guidance & plans to create positive conditions for personalised care to thrive.
  4. Change what is experienced on the ground. Focus on supportive infrastructure; enabling flexibility & innovation and extending choice sustainably.

DCAN has four enquiries open for 2021. These are:

“Dementia Reframed”

Building consensus for a personalised vision of dementia

“What Matters Now?”

Personalised Care in a time of COVID-19

“Community 360”

Community development, social prescribing & dementia. How do we grow demand, personalise support and boost dementia inclusive supply.

“Right at the Start”

Getting diagnosis, and pre and post diagnostic support right for each person through personalised care.

Website launching Oct 20th 2020

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