Delivery Organisation: Disability Rights UK

Location: England

Contact details

Name: Anna Denham
Organisation: Disability Rights UK
Tel: 0203 687 0784

‘Get Yourself Active’ is a programme funded by Sport England and led by Disability Rights UK. DRUK works alongside disabled people and disabled people’s user-led organisations (DPULOs) to lead change in the social care, health and sport sectors, in order to improve health and wellbeing outcomes for disabled people and to help them to get active in a way that is right for them.

Disabled people and people with long term health conditions are one of the most inactive groups in society. More needs to be done to understand the barriers to physical activity that disabled people face and how best to overcome them.

Project Impact & Outcomes

Our work over the first four years of ‘Get Yourself Active’ focused on increasing the number of disabled people with personal budgets regularly participating in physical activity or sport. This included:

  • The testing of a local coordinator model in DPULOs to help broker the links between disabled people, social care professionals and the sport sector, to enable disabled people to use their personal budgets for physical activity.
  • Developing evidence-based social worker guidelines to increase understanding of physical activity and enable disabled people to use their personal budget to take part.
  • Increasing co-production by improving opportunities for disabled people, physical activity providers and DPULOs to work together and improve provision.

We are now in a new ‘phase’ of the programme which builds on the learning from our evaluation. Our work includes:

  • Increasing the skills and knowledge of the health and social care workforce around physical activity and putting in place new approaches to tackling inactivity.
  • Enabling DPULOs to work with the sport sector to create approaches and practices that improve provision for disabled people, including developing training for sport sector organisations to increase their knowledge and awareness about disabled people’s lives and how co-produce physical activity opportunities that work for them.

Building the capacity of user-led organisations to support local disabled people to participate in physical activity. We continue to champion genuine, user-led co-production processes, to challenge perceptions of disabled people, improve local provision, and stimulate a long-term shift in strategy across the sport sector.

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