Delivery Organisation: Tempo

Location: London

Contact details

Name: Sarah Taylor, Business Development Manager
Organisation: Tempo Time Credits
Tel: 07481 916278

Haringey Time Credits has been designed to support mental health and drug and alcohol recovery services in Haringey to address addiction, mental ill health, social isolation, and loneliness by engaging people in formal and informal volunteering. It is achieved through Time Credits, a time-based currency that can be earned by volunteers or service users, simply by giving their time. The credits can then be spent to access activities in businesses across our network. The aim is to increase social connections and to provide access to opportunities that service users and volunteers might not be able to afford or have the confidence to access, tapping into community and organisational assets.

Project Impact & Outcomes

  • 72% of Time Credits members give their time to support others, either on a 1:1 basis (such as buddying or befriending), or on a group basis (such as running a peer support group).
  • Feelings of happiness increased significantly among Time Credits members – 89% of people earning and spending Time Credits have reported improved quality of life.
  • 71% of Time Credits members said that they felt less isolated and lonely since becoming involved in Time Credits. 43% of members said that Time Credits had helped them make new friends and acquaintances.
  • 37% of members are able to afford to do more activities and there was a 12% increase in the average level of physical activity among Time Credits members, along with an average increase of 2 hours per week among those who were already active.

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