Delivery Organisation: Personalised Care Group, NHS England

Location: Nationwide

Contact details

Name: Lyndsey Oates
Organisation: Personalised Care Group, NHS England

The Leadership for Personalised Care Team deliver an effective service supporting Senior Management Teams, managers and staff across the Personalised Care Group and Leadership Academy, to implement the leadership for personalised care work programme.

The team work on a huge range of projects, from delivering eight high quality leadership for personalised care programmes across the country, to wellbeing guidance, virtual learning design and facilitation, coaching and mentoring, to provider development, master classes and working with the Leadership Academy to help shape their programmes and ensure personalised care takes root across the system.


  • To develop excellence in leaders to enable and embed Personalised Care (PC) across the system in line with the long-term plan aspirations
  • To support leaders across the system in their development to grow the right mindset, skills and qualities and to build a community of practise
  • To provide leadership and advice and model new ways of working within the group to enable others to grow leadership for personalised care across the system
  • Work to embed the principles of PC across leadership development in the NHS
  • Culture of leadership- shared sense of purpose and model the values of personalised care – coaching values- leadership for personalised care framework
  • Creating empowering and sustainable change by creating passion and creating passion and purpose within leaders to understand why personalised care the right thing is to do

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