Delivery Organisation: Think Local Act Personal

Location: Nationwide

Contact details

Name: Martin Walker/Sanchi Murison
Organisation: Think Local Act Personal

Making it Real is a framework for how to do personalised care and support.

It is an easy to use, jargon-free set of personalised principles that focus on what matters to people. Making it Real is built around six themes. These describe what good looks like from an individual’s perspective and what organisations should be doing to live up to those expectations. It supports co-production between people, commissioners and providers.

Making it Real is a voluntary commitment with access to free materials and support. It is for people working in health, adult social care, housing, and for people who access services.

If you sign up to get involved, you decide how to make best use of it.

Project Impact & Outcomes

Making it Real has been co-produced by Think Local Act Personal and the Coalition for Collaborative Care, with input from partners, organisations and individuals, including the National Co-production Advisory Group (NCAG).

  • The Care Quality Commission (CQC) is actively working to integrate Making It Real into their inspection processes.
  • Provider organisations across the sector, such as KeyRing, are using Making It Real to change the way they work, shifting towards much more co-productive and person-centred ways of working with the people they support. Others have used it to change their recruitment process.
  • It is used by councils and organisations to address what matters to people and to improve services. One council re-wrote its financial letters to make them more readily understood and meaningful after a Making It Real workshop.
  • Making it Real has been mentioned in Parliament, referenced by Matt Hancock, and used by other stakeholders in adult social care such as the Quality Matters partnership.

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