Delivery Organisation: Tempo

Location: Kent

Contact details

Name: Sarah Taylor, Business Development Manager
Organisation: Tempo Time Credits
Tel: 07481 916278

Medway Time Credits has been commissioned by Medway Clinical Commissioning Group as part of the Involving Medway programme which aims to build health as a social movement. The programme supports greater involvement between local people and organisations with the design and commissioning of local services. Time Credits is a time-based currency that can be earned by volunteers or service users, simply by giving their time. It can then be spent to access activities in businesses across our network. Time Credit increases social connections and provides access to opportunities that service users and volunteers might not be able to afford or the confidence to access, tapping into community and organisational assets.

Project Impact & Outcomes

  • 3,565 Medway residents engaged throughout the Involving Medway project and 14,900 Time Credits have been issued between 2017 and 2020.
  • 63% of Medway Time Credits members feel they can contribute to their community more and 49% know more about community-based services available for them.
  • 71% of Time Credits members said that they felt less isolated and lonely since becoming involved in Time Credits. 43% of members said that Time Credits had helped them make new friends and acquaintances.
  • 47% of members can afford to do more activities and 54% feel more confident.

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