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Bringing Hospitals Home Image

The NHS and the challenges it faces filled our newsfeeds in 2023. But despite the lengthy waiting times and unprecedented staff strikes, a radical shift in care practices is breaking through. Initially necessitated by Covid-19, virtual wards have become a quietly growing part of the NHS, which recently met its Read more
Policy paper front

Following the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care’s commitment to publish a major conditions strategy, this government report sets out the case for change and strategic framework for the final strategy. Read more
Carenomics report front

The economic case for further investment in social care is clear and compelling. Serious issues creating the current crisis in the social care sector have been well set out in recent years. Low pay and lack of training or a career in care continue to undermine the workforce leading to Read more
Report front for intermediate care framework

Enabling people to stay well, safe and independent at home for longer has been a long-standing policy objective of the NHS. National guidance on intermediate care was issued in 2009 and this framework builds on the work that has taken place so far to provide a renewed focus. Read more
Care for Our Future - Report Front

Whether we realise it or not, adult social care affects all of us. At some point in our lives, we will rely on some form of long-term support whether from a family member, loved one, or carer. A strong adult social care system is the cornerstone of a successful economy Read more
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When trying to envision the future of the health and care system in England, the difficult question to answer is not ‘What do we do?’ – the vision for care has been outlined by multiple governments in countless policy documents – but ‘How do we actually make it happen?’ Read more
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Our toolkit will support you at different stages of your workplace culture journey to establish, maintain and improve your workplace culture so that it’s inclusive, compassionate and collaborative. Read more
understanding the economic impact of NHS spending by care setting

Creating better health value: understanding the economic impact of NHS spending by care setting. Exploring which of a range of care settings can deliver the most economic output when funding is increased. Read more
Transformation Talks podcast images

In this episode of Transformation Talks... Tara is joined by Laura Burling and Danny Smith. Read more
Report Front

There is a well-established case for involving communities and people with lived experience in health and care policy, service design and delivery. NHS England guidance on working in partnership with communities highlights the financial benefits and improvements to quality and health outcomes that working with local communities brings. Read more
Major Conditions Strategy

Good health should be fundamental to all our lives. But that is not the case for too many people living in England. In most instances, poor health arises from living with a least one of 6 major health conditions. That is why we have taken the decision to develop a Read more
A Guide to Co-Production Report Front

The Personalised Care Team and Co-production Working Group have produced this guide to support all those in Tameside and Glossop who want to implement co-production into their health and social care services. Read more