Author: Think Local Act Personal

Resource Type: Report

Categories: Coproduction, Personalised care and support planning

Publishing body: Voluntary, community and social enterprise

This report from the TLAP Insight Group highlights how the first phase of the coronavirus pandemic affected people who use care and support services.

The group, known as TIG, has brought together TLAP partners and allies to build an understanding of the experience of Covid-19 on people accessing care and support (including unpaid family carers), looked at through the lens of personalisation. The aim was to identify what has worked well, and to highlight areas that people found difficult, both generally and in relation to their care and support.

The report is based on a rapid evidence review, collecting and collating a large amount of research, data and intelligence, contributed by TLAP partners and other organisations. This collaborative approach has seen organisations willing to share what they know for a common purpose.

The TLAP group was initially established with the aim of investigating the impact on people in Care Act Easement areas. It was not possible to build a comprehensive picture of Care Act Easement activity and its impact through this review. The scope was therefore extended to include the wider impact on people accessing care and support and unpaid carers across all council areas.

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