Author: National Voices

Resource Type: Report

Categories: Health inequalities, Patient experience

Publishing body: Voluntary, community and social enterprise

In the first report in our ‘Behind the Headlines’ series, National Voices have gathered insight and intelligence from their members on what the cost of living crisis means for people living with ill health. Living costs are rising, with inflation at a 30-year high and increasing food, fuel and energy prices while neither wages or benefits are keeping up. As a result, increasing numbers of people are unable to meet their basic living needs such as adequate heating for the home, appropriate clothing or adequate nutrition which will likely lead to increasing ill health.

Poverty and health are closely linked. People living in poverty are more likely to be living in poor health. The opposite is also true – lack of support for people living with ill health and disability can make people poor. Behind the headlines: the unequal impact of the cost of living crisis brings together a wealth of data and case studies from National Voices members on the topic of the cost of living crisis and how this impacts the people and communities they serve. Topics covered include Cancer, Kidney conditions, Older People and Homelessness. The report is concluded by a set of recommendations from National Voices on the basis of what they have heard from their members.

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