Author: Local Area Coordination Network

Resource Type: Report

Categories: Supported self-management, Shared decision making, Personalised care and support planning, Integrated care and social care, Person-centred care

Publishing body: Professional body

Building Blocks of “Better” is a report published by the Local Area Coordination Network in March 2021 as a follow-on piece to their Annual Conference in November 2020. The report provides commentary on the 10 speeches given at the conference around the 10 key Principles of Local Area Coordination; community, natural authority, lifelong learning, citizenship, complementary nature of services, relationships, choice and control, information, working together and contribution.

Community Catalysts is the home of Local Area Coordination learning and development in England and Wales. Local Area Coordination is a practical, assets-based approach that is being adopted by a growing number of local authorities and health partners.

Our Local Area Coordination Network works with new sites to develop Local Area Coordination and supports existing members to tackle common challenges and build on a shared vision, principles and values.

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