Author: SCIE

Resource Type: Report

Categories: Coproduction

Publishing body: Improvement body

SCIE believes that co-production is the right approach and should be taken as a matter of principle. However, we wanted to take stock and hear from people who have been involved in co-production, as well as considering the evidence to see what more should be done to show the difference co-production makes.

During our research we heard about the benefits of co-production for people with lived experiences and professionals. These include an increase in self-confidence, self-esteem and sense of empowerment, better health and wellbeing, increased engagement and trust, and higher levels of satisfaction with and awareness of services. We also found benefits for professionals, including improved job satisfaction, motivation and practice, and increased trust, engagement and dialogue with people who draw on care and support and carers.

We found that the health sector had more research available about the impact and outcomes of co-production than the social care sector, which the social care sector can learn from. While there is an increasing knowledge base about co-production in adult social care, more needs to be done to realise the full potential of co-production in social care.

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