Author: Learning Disability England

Resource Type: Discussion paper

Categories: Supported self-management, Personalised care and support planning, Health inequalities, Person-centred care

Publishing body: User-led organisation

Learning Disability England is bringing people and organisations together to create a movement for change where people with learning disabilities, families, friends  and paid supporters come together on an equal basis.

As a membership organisation, we can be a national focal point where people can work together, engaging in a common cause; building a world where people with learning disabilities lead good lives.

This aim of this document is our humble first effort to harness some of this energy and activity. To begin, again, to articulate clearly what people we have engaged  with say they want and need to live well. To highlight the challenges that currently exist and to offer some hopeful examples where these have been overcome.

The aim of this document is to be both a starting point for conversation and, importantly, for action. We hope that this will be the first iteration and that this document evolves as we work together to plan, act and deliver a more hopeful tomorrow.

Please accept this as our invitation to engage in this collective endeavour. We look forward to working with you.

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