Author: Royal College of Nursing

Resource Type: Discussion paper

Categories: Person-centred care, Treatment backlog

Publishing body: Royal college

This report from the Royal College of Nursing looks into the role of the nursing profession in achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals in the UK. In 2015 all UN member states made a commitment to achieving these goals by 2030. This report looks at the progress made so far in the UK, taking into consideration the effect of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The SDGs are part of a historic global agreement to tackle the most significant challenges facing humanity and the planet. They are an important tool for holding governments and stakeholders to account for their commitments to achieving the Goals, and an important tool for lobbying policymakers to ensure that policies and actions are informed by the SDGs.

As the UK considers how to rebuild and recover from the Covid-19 crisis, this report highlights the role of nursing in moving closer to achieving the SDGs, and the spotlight shone on the Nursing profession as a result of the pandemic.

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