Author: The Health Foundation

Resource Type: Report

Categories: Personalised care and support planning, Person-centred care, Patient experience

Publishing body: Think tank

New technologies in the fields of automation, artificial intelligence (AI), robotics and communications are creating a range of opportunities to improve health care, from diagnostics to remote monitoring. However, they could also create challenges for delivering empathetic, person-centred care by reducing or mediating human interaction.

Over the past year, we’ve seen the health service roll out new technologies at impressive pace and scale in response to COVID-19. And there are hopes that technology-based approaches will help the NHS recover from the impact of the pandemic and meet future demand.

Through an online YouGov survey in October 2020, The Health Foundation asked more than 4,000 UK adults how four different uses of technology (self-check-in, robotic care assistants, AI triage and communicating bad news by video link) might impact on the person-centredness of care and whether they would be comfortable with such approaches. This report outlines the findings of this research.

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