Please join us in welcoming new C4PC Partner, 24/7 Helping Hands Service Ltd

Please join us in welcoming and introducing a new Partner of Coalition for Personalised Care (C4PC): 24/7 Helping Hands Service Ltd  24/7 Helping Hands Service Ltd are an Adult Social Care based in Leicester and are qualified and dedicated to providing the best quality care in your home. Their care is tailored to meet individual needs by promoting your Independence, Privacy, Dignity, Choice and Respect. They have a passion for excellence and aim to deliver a flexible, efficient, and professional service, which is tailored to meet each client’s individual needs.

Carenomics – Unlocking the power of care

The economic case for further investment in social care is clear and compelling. Serious issues creating the current crisis in the social care sector have been well set out in recent years. Low pay and lack of training or a career in care continue to undermine the workforce leading to high turnover and vacancy levels that leave needs unmet, create costs for employers and fuel demand for unpaid carers. The inadequate level of care further hinders the economy at a time when buoyancy is sorely needed. Without further investment in the social care sector, the government’s aims of improving growth and productivity cannot be realised.

Moving care closer to home: three unanswered questions

When trying to envision the future of the health and care system in England, the difficult question to answer is not ‘What do we do?’ – the vision for care has been outlined by multiple governments in countless policy documents – but ‘How do we actually make it happen?’

Social care matters to us all

Covid-19 brought home some stark truisms about just how little central, and to a worrying extent, local government, understood about the social care that they were statutorily responsible for. There appeared a level of carelessness about a cohort of people who either received care and support or worked within the sector that meant as the darkest days of Covid-19 drew closer, the opportunities to make care count were missed.

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