Carers’ assessments: developments, digital, diversity, co-production and good practice

Carers UK recently published a new report which looks at "what good looks like", as well as areas for improvement, regarding carers' assessments, with a particular focus on the experiences of carers from communities who face additional barriers and other health inequalities. The report's aim is to stimulate conversation around the unique challenges faced by carers from underrepresented backgrounds and make recommendations on how to best support them – especially Black, Asian and minority ethnic carers and LGBTQ+ carers.

The Caring Penalty

Caring is foundational to our society and our economy. Virtually everyone will give and receive care of some form over their lifetime, and everyone benefits from living in a world which is made more compassionate and more prosperous by the work of carers. Yet the immense value of care is not reflected in its material rewards. While professional carers often face low pay and poor working conditions, care performed within or between households is not paid at all.

Self-advocacy for carers

Self-advocacy is about speaking up for yourself. It’s about getting your voice heard and effectively communicating your own interests. Our guide has been designed to help you communicate your needs with professionals, understand your rights and look after your wellbeing.

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