Social care matters to us all

Covid-19 brought home some stark truisms about just how little central, and to a worrying extent, local government, understood about the social care that they were statutorily responsible for. There appeared a level of carelessness about a cohort of people who either received care and support or worked within the sector that meant as the darkest days of Covid-19 drew closer, the opportunities to make care count were missed.

Stories of Leaving Hospital During COVID-19

Working with British Red Cross, Healthwatch published this report which drew on the experiences of nearly 600 people who left hospital during the pandemic. The feedback has been shared with the Government to help them understand how the hospital ‘discharge to assess’ model worked in reality.

The Untold Heartbreak

This report from the British Heart Foundation explores the disruption caused to cardiovascular care by the Covid pandemic and what needs to be done to ensure that heart patients have access to the care and support they need to stay well.

COVID-19 Impact Inquiry

This report, produced by the Health Foundation's COVID-19 impact inquiry, is a comprehensive review of the factors that fuelled the UK’s COVID-19 death toll. 

A Wait on Your Mind?

The waiting list for elective treatment in the NHS in England has reached an unprecedented level. A new report published by Policy Exchange sets out a proposal for reform.

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