Major conditions strategy: case for change and our strategic framework

Good health should be fundamental to all our lives. But that is not the case for too many people living in England. In most instances, poor health arises from living with a least one of 6 major health conditions. That is why we have taken the decision to develop a major conditions strategy - a blueprint for improving outcomes over the next 5 years covering cancer, heart disease, musculoskeletal disorders, mental ill-health, dementia and respiratory diseases.


The Personalised Care Team and Co-production Working Group have produced this guide to support all those in Tameside and Glossop who want to implement co-production into their health and social care services.

A Practical Guide to Support Decision Making

Opening words by Lucy Series Lecturer in the School for Policy Studies at Bristol University Most people take for granted that they will make key decisions about their lives – from what they wear and eat, to their relationships with, where they live, and the millions of everyday decisions that go into building a home and a life. We also know that being able to make decisions about our own lives is critical for wellbeing

The Caring Penalty

Caring is foundational to our society and our economy. Virtually everyone will give and receive care of some form over their lifetime, and everyone benefits from living in a world which is made more compassionate and more prosperous by the work of carers. Yet the immense value of care is not reflected in its material rewards. While professional carers often face low pay and poor working conditions, care performed within or between households is not paid at all.

From listening to action: voices of people and communities (virtual)

Almost everyone working in health and care agrees that users’ experiences should drive the design and improvement of services. There are strong moral and ethical reasons for listening to people’s voices, but, in the current context of the health and care system, how can services ensure that listening to people’s voices is a priority and leads to meaningful change?

Personal Health Budget (PHB) Quality Framework

The Personal Health Budget (PHB) Quality Framework supports integrated care boards to create the conditions to meet PHB performance expectations, with a focus on improving operational delivery to deliver high quality care, improve the experience of PHB holders, realise the ‘life changing’ outcomes that PHBs can deliver, develop workforce confidence in commissioning and delivering PHBs and ensuring value for money.

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