What is co-production?

The term co-production refers to a way of working, whereby everybody works together on an equal basis to create a service or come to a decision which works for them all.

Fuel Poverty, Cold Homes and Health Inequalities in the UK

This report reviews the evidence on both the direct and indirect impacts of fuel poverty and cold homes on health; the inequalities in who this effects the most, and the relation between health inequalities and climate change. The report makes the case for prioritising reducing fuel poverty through policy suggestions at both the national and local level.

Checklist for possible dementia symptoms

Talking about memory problems with a GP can be difficult, but it's important to make sure you get the right support. Our symptoms checklist can help you start the conversation, and remember everything you want to say during your appointment.

Hospital to Home

Each story in the "Hospital to Home" series covers a personal story of a journey through hospital to independence as well as their experiences with both.

Being Hatty

Hatty shares her experience of living with schizophrenia and the value of personalised support.

NHS @Home – Iggy’s Experience

The NHS is struggling. It is on its knees and there is no more money (so we're told). Resources are not going to appear overnight; new doctors and nurses take time to train. Therefore, what

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