What we do

We are a partnership of people and organisations committed to using our collective experience and expertise to ensure that personalised care is a reality for everyone using health and care services in England and Wales.

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The breadth and diversity of the Coalition has helped us establish a strong strategic relationship with NHS England and Improvement and the Personalised Care Group, who we work closely with to ensure that personalised care becomes a fundamental way of working across the NHS.

We want to support people to think differently about what personalised care means in their environment and help them to take the practical steps needed to make it possible.

We do this by:

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Providing trusted learning resources and sharing our knowledge and expertise

Promoting evidenced-based approaches which are centred on what matters to people

Championing personalised care by sharing best practice and empowering people with the skills, knowledge and confidence to benefit from it

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Providing hands-on support to encourage people, organisations and communities to think differently about personalised care and create the conditions for change

Building stronger communities and supporting people already making a difference

Ensuring that services are co-produced with people who have experience of using them

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Using our collective, independent voice to advocate for and shape change

Working closely with the Personalised Care Group at NHS England to realise the ambitions set out in Universal Personalised Care and the NHS Long Term Plan

Understanding the reality of personalised care in a way which can shape strategy and plans for the future

To find out more about our work, plans and future strategy, please read our Annual Report 2020-2021.

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